Classification Unclassified

 After having a conversation with a friend recently, I realized how diamond shopping is perceived by the average Joe. If you're like most people and the idea of shopping for a diamond makes you break out in cold sweats, you'll definitely want to read on.

One upon a time, there was a ton of subjectivity on how to look at diamonds and how to classify them. There was no standardized organization methods to assess each stone. This created a lot of unhappy campers who didn't get exactly what they paid for. Until one glorious day in 1931 GIA was born. GIA is the organization that gave birth to the diamond classifications we know today known as the 4 C's of diamonds. 

The 4 C's of diamonds broken down.

The 4 C's of diamonds broken down.

In the coming weeks, I plan to break down each element of the diamond classification system and explain it in detail to hopefully bridge the gap between the consumer and the business. 

Hope you enjoyed your brief history lesson. You all get an "A".